Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PENTECOSTALS HANG ON, This is what we have been waiting for.

I have been around Pentecostal Churches all my life, and I have seen many ideas presented to help stimulate growth in the Pentecostal Churches. Borat has helped the Pentecostal movement with one blockbuster movie more than all the programs of the Pentecostal Churches combined.

Thank you Borat!!!

We have spent years going to meetings and looking for ideas to help us get the word out to the people that there is a real experience available in the Pentecostal Churches. We were looking for ways to tell the whole world that there are people who are very excited and sincere about serving God. We want to share our experience with everybody.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in promotional material that we may have produced could not have done as much for the cause of the Pentecostals as Borat's stunt.

When I discovered what Borat had done I laughed and said, "God must really have a sense of humour."

We have worked so hard to find ways let the people know that there is Joy in the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues is wonderful and real. Now a funny little man that is not even Pentecostal has done more for our growth than we have ever done for ourselves.

If I ever get a chance to meet Borat I will gladly shake his hand and express my gratitude.

From this point forward it will be easy to talk to people about the Holy Ghost, Speaking in tongues and baptism in the name of Jesus.

Every Pentecostal Church should see this as the opportunity of the century to fill up the Pentecostal Churches with people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of life. Now the whole world can learn that happy people in the Pentecostal Churches are glad to share the experience of Joy and help others to find real peace and happiness.

I will not be surprised if Borat gets a real experience of the Holy Ghost as the story continues to unfold. We may not want to trust him, but it can happen.

Mr Borat is welcome to come to our Church in Connecticut with as many cameras as he can bring whether fake or real.

Wow! This is awesome!